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Welcome to the LeTourneau University (LETU) College of Aviation & Aeronautical Science. Your interest in aviation and the aeronautical sciences has brought you to one of the nation’s outstanding colleges for pilot, aircraft maintenance, air traffic control, and mission aviation training. 

LETU is also the only comprehensive, university-level aviation program in the state of Texas. All training, labs and classes are taught by LETU instructors and faculty, meaning no part of the LETU training program is sub-contracted to third-party contractors. If you are passionate about aviation and want to turn your dreams into reality, you’re in the right place. 

With seventeen degree and concentration options (Bachelors and Associates), you are sure to find an aviation degree program that will help you turn your passion into a rewarding career. 

Even previous graduates can benefit from further training at LETU. LETU’s Restricted ATP program allows graduates the ability to qualify for airline employment at a fast-tracked 1,000 hours total flight time.


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A long tradition of excellence

Our program began in 1956 as an “on the job” training program at our founder’s (R.G. LeTourneau) aviation business here in Longview, Texas. Students could begin studies any Monday and learned by working alongside qualified aviation professionals. Over the past five decades, almost everything about our program has changed, but the personal integrity, professional excellence, and ability to “get the job done” remain the hallmark of LeTourneau aviation graduates.

Highly qualified faculty

Our faculty are academically qualified and have world class industry experience, including airline, corporate, missions, manufacturing, and military aviation. Our faculty have “been there and done that,” and their experience provides a unique richness to the classroom and laboratory.

Respected alumni

LETU aviation alumni are respected professionals working around the globe as mission aviators, airline pilots, engineers, managers, aircraft inspectors, military pilots, corporate leaders, air traffic controllers, and aircraft mechanics. They are men and women of faith, personal integrity, and professional excellence, making a positive contribution in aviation workplaces around the world.

Quality students

With standardized test scores well above the national norm, our students have the ability and drive to become excellent in their profession. They also give back to our community and industry. Whether it is our NIFA team supporting the largest “fly-in” in the state of Texas, or our mission aviation students helping promote the Gospel in remote parts of the world, our students are actively engaged in service learning.

State of the Art facilities

The Paul and Betty Abbott Aviation Center is a world class facility located across the airport from where our story began over five decades ago. Our students study in state-of-the-art laboratories and fly airplanes that are maintained to the highest standard by our own professional staff.

Students of the Aviation Management program may now also receive flight training at LETU's training facility at the McKinney airport in McKinney, TX.

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