Air Traffic Control A.S.

This program is available at our Longview campus.

First in Texas, First in the Nation

LeTourneau University is the first school in Texas approved to offer an Air Traffic Control (ATC) program by the FAA, and the only one offering both two-year and four-year degree options. We were also the first evangelical Christian College/University in the nation with an Air Traffic Control program and again, the only one offering both two-year and four-year degree options.

A career in air traffic control means coordinating the movement of air traffic to assure safety in the skies and minimize flight delays. It also means excellent pay and benefits, if you are interested in a fulfilling challenge and being the voice that pilots hear when being routed across the sky.

LeTourneau University's two-year degree is designed to prepare students to interview with the FAA and enter training at the FAA Academy in Oklahoma City. Our Air Traffic Collegiate Training Initiative (AT-CTI) program is designed to prepare you to fill air traffic control specialist positions in towers and radar centers around the country — And our hands-on preparation, which includes the use of high-tech radar and tower simulators, will help you get there.

Important Information:

  • The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approved LeTourneau University as an Air Traffic Collegiate Training Initiative (AT-CTI) in early October, 2008.
  • According to the US Department of Labor, the mean annual wage for Air Traffic Controllers is over $118,000. Learn what it’s like to be an Air Traffic Controller.
  • Two air traffic control degrees are be offered at LeTourneau University: a two-year associate degree in air traffic control and a four-year bachelor’s degree in air traffic control management.
  • LeTourneau University's Air Traffic Control training program is housed at the Abbott Aviation Center in Longview, Texas, alongside LETU's pilot training, aircraft maintenance technology training, and more.
  • The FAA will not typically hire Air Traffic Controllers over the age of 31, or controllers who are unable to meet FAA medical requirements .
  • For more information about earning a degree in air traffic control, please contact Jovita Perez-Segovia, Aviation & Aeronautical Science Admissions Counselor.

Interesting Classes You'll Take

  • ATC Tower Operations
  • Air Traffic Radar Systems
  • FUndamentals of Airspace Systems Operations
  • Advanced ATC

To learn more about specific course requirements, view the course catalog.

What can you do with this degree?

This two year program of study will guide you through our Air Traffic Collegiate Training Initiative (AT-CTI) program. As a graduate of the AT-CTI program you will be eligible to apply for employment with the FAA and bypass the Air Traffic Basics Course, which is the first five weeks of qualifications training at the FAA Academy in Oklahoma city. (FAA.gov)

  • Center/TRACON air traffic controller - organize the flow of traffic in and out of the airport from the terminal radar approach control (TRACON) room or building
  • Tower/Ground air traffic controller - watch over all the planes traveling in an airport's airspace from the control tower, sequence arrival aircraft for landing and issue departure clearances for those departing from the airport
  • En route controller - Guide airplanes flying at high altitudes through large sections of airspace over the U.S.