Professional Flight Concentration

Air Traffic Control Management, Professional Flight Contentration

Fly or control: you can do either or both!

At LeTourneau University's well-rounded commercial aviation school, you don't have to pick between air traffic control and flight training. While our Air Traffic Management program offers an exciting career with excellent benefits and pay, some individuals aren't satisfied with staying on the ground.

LETU aviation students who earn the Bachelor of Science in Air Traffic Management with the optional professional flight concentration not only have an FAA-approved Air Traffic Collegiate Training Initiative (AT-CTI) degree, but are also fully-trained, commercial multi-engine pilots with instrument ratings.

This flight-focused version of our bachelor's in ATC management degree option is also an excellent choice for future professional pilots who wish to have an alternative aviation career. Whichever vocation you choose, the additional business management training this degree concentration provides will prepare you for more leadership opportunities along the way. 

A degree in Air Traffic Control Management, Professional Flight Concentration allows you to graduate with the following certifications.

Certifications you will earn:

Optional certifications you can earn:

  • Flight Instructor Certificate
    • Instrument Ratings
    • Single Engine Airplane
    • Multi Engine Airplane

Interesting Classes You'll Take

  • Commercial Flight Operations
  • Meteorology for Pilots
  • Air Traffic Resource Management

To learn more about specific course requirements, view the course catalog.

A few career options:

  • Air Traffic Supervisor
  • Center/TRACON air traffic controller
  • Tower/Ground air traffic controller
  • Corporate pilot
  • Commercial pilot
  • Aircraft sales
  • Airline pilot
  • Air taxi (charter) pilot
  • Aviation advertising
  • Aviation business

Get into the Cockpit Faster

Graduates of this program are eligible to apply for a restricted-privileges Airline Transport Pilot certificate.  This credential allows a pilot with fewer than 1,500 hours of flight time to serve as an airline co-pilot while completing the required hours for an unrestricted ATP certificate.  Learn more...