Health Information Systems, B.S.

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Integration of information and data is integral to our everyday lives. But when it comes to health care, the security and accuracy of data and information becomes even more critical - it can mean the difference between life and death of a patient.

LeTourneau’s Health Information Systems degree offers an unbeatable career opportunity where technology contributes to quality of life.

Health Information Systems provides an ideal career path for those who want to work in health care without direct patient care.

  • Designed to expand the current careers of health professionals who want to develop IT skills and move into health informatics systems integration
  • Perfect for IT professionals who are looking to specialize or learn more about health care systems
  • Career path for registered nurses or allied health workers who want to pursue work at a technology company.


High-tech, high-pay

LeTourneau University's program in Health Information Systems fuses the fundamentals of computer science, business and health care. This degree prepares you for an in-demand career planning and directing the electronic data processing, information systems, systems analysis or computer programming in health care facilities around the world.

Significant growth is projected over the next two decades, with median salaries reaching six figures.


Interesting Classes You'll Take

  • Health Informatics
  • Programming for Information Systems
  • Database Management
  • Information Security

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What can you do with this degree?

  • Healthcare Information Management Director
  • Healthcare Information Management Manager
  • Healthcare Information Management Program Manager
  • Healthcare Information Management Systems Director

*Choose an online program, an on-ground program in Longview, or combine daytime and online classes to fit your needs.*

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