Health Care Administration

At LeTourneau University, we offer multiple Health Care Administration programs designed for professionals seeking a variety of career growth opportunities.

Whether you want to begin a new career in the growing field of health care management or already working as a health care professional and seeking career advancement, LeTourneau University offers a degree program to fit your needs.

At LETU, you’ll follow a curriculum designed in collaboration with top-tier health care management professionals, including CEOs, CFOs, presidents and vice presidents of many local and regional hospitals across Texas.

You’ll also receive instruction from faculty with widespread experience in the field of health care. Our faculty members have developed computer applications to enhance physician and patient engagement and served directly with the Air Force Surgeon General.


A High-pay, High-Opportunity Field

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the field of health care management's projected growth from 2012-2022 is 23%, which is 12% higher than the national average.

In 2012, medical and health services managers earned an average annual salary of $88,580 per year, while senior health care executives with more experience and achievements can earn $200,000 or significantly more. This translates into a high-pay, high-opportunity career.

Because of the aging of America's population, health care organizations are in need of highly qualified health care managers and administrators to lead them through the increasing complex regulatory requirements placed on health care providers.


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