Aeronautical-Electrical Concentration


The Aeronautical-Electrical Engineering Technology Concentration deals with the circuits, devices, and systems used in aviation electronics, communications, instrumentation, and control.

Engineering technology emphasizes practical application of theory. This concentration blends the principles of electrical engineering technology with the principles of aircraft systems preparing graduates for a career in the field of aviation electronics (avionics).

Graduates with this concentration are involved in developing new systems, testing system designs, and improving manufacturing processes in aviation and related industries.


Interesting Classes You'll Take

The concentration in Aeronautical-Electrical Engineering Technology at LeTourneau University involves a curriculum of 130 semester hours and is one of five concentration choices within our Bachelor of Science in Engineering Technology degree.

  • Electronic Fabrication Fundamentals
  • Digital Electronics
  • Aircraft Instrumentation Systems
  • Avionics

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Senior Design Highlights

The STOLMA Senior Design Team is designing, building and testing a six-passenger, short take-off and landing airplane intended for missions applications.

The STOLMA aircraft design was based upon the Zenair CH 801-HD experimental aircraft. The STOLMA team modified the CH 801-HD design to allow for increased cargo capacity, the ability to transport medical litters and the capability to deploy parachute-rescue personnel.

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What can you do with this degree?

With a degree in Engineering Technology, Aeronautical-Electrical Concentration, you’ll learn how to create electronic systems that provide in-flight safety for today’s advanced aerospace technology. Graduates are prepared to design such electrical systems as aircraft avionics and power systems.

A few possible career choices include:

  • Aircraft Instrumentation Engineer
  • Aircraft Electrical Engineer
  • Electrical/Avionics Systems Design
  • Avionic Systems Engineer


Explore Lab Space

Learn more about the lab space and facilities available to Engineering Technology, Aero-Electrical Concentration students:

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