The LeTourneau Center for Counseling follows established privacy standards and procedures mandated by state and federal laws pertaining to confidentiality and release of information. All records are confidential. Material revealed in counseling will remain strictly confidential with the following exceptions in accordance with state law:

  1. The client signs a written release of information indicating informed consent to such release
  2. Counselee is under 18 years of age
  3. The client expresses serious intent to harm himself/herself or someone else
  4. There is evidence or reasonable suspicion of abuse/neglect against a minor child, elderly person (65 or older), or a dependent adult
  5. A subpoena or other court order is received directing the disclosure of information. Our policy is to warrant either privileged communication in the event of a subpoena or the right to consult with clients, if at all possible, barring an emergency, before mandated disclosure in the event of (2) or (3).

*Therapists do not guarantee confidentiality among joint participants in therapy, though use professional discretion in disclosing communications.

LeTourneau University Center for Counseling Privacy Policies

LETU Students

Your records are NOT part of your academic or administrative records.

Some states, including Texas, ask about therapy as part of application to the bar. Some state medical boards request this information as well. Similar information is requested by some religious denominations prior to ordination. Some federal agencies require releasing this information for applicants applying for sensitive government positions. We respond to requests with brief summaries, which have, to date, been sufficient. This information is only released with your written consent.

Our standards are governed by American Counseling Association Code of Ethics and the American Association for Family Therapy Code of Ethics.

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We are located on the LeTourneau University campus in Longview Hall.

2100 S. Mobberly Ave.
Longview, TX 75602

Upon entering the campus from Mobberly, take a left and follow road to Longview Hall on the right.