Groups & Speakers

Below are topics for groups and speaking engagements, which can be held on the LeTourneau University campus or on your site. If you are interested in a group or would like to have a speaker, please email counseling@letu.edu for more information.

Mental Health Issues

  • How transition affects underlying mental health issues (i.e. history of major depression, anxiety disorders, eating disorder, etc.) and what can be done to facilitate a health adjustment with these students
  • Mental Health 101 – covering topics like
    • Anxiety and Depression – Am I normal? Am I clinical? Do guys and girls experience these in the same measure or in the same way? Will it go away? What do I do?
    • Do I need medication? Are there alternatives to trying medication?
    • What is OCD and do I have it?
    • I feel numb all the time. Is it my medication?

Personal Growth

  • Stress Management (Student-Focused)
  • “Am I Supposed to Change The World? To Find my Passion and Be Amazing? The pressure is killing me and causing mental health problems!” These and Other Issues Millennials are Facing
  • Perfectionism
  • Building Community


  • Healthy Relationships
  • Social Skills
  • Being Present
  • Effective Listening
  • Family of Origin problems
  • Male-Female Relationships
  • Forgiveness

Seminars for Counselors

  • Diversity in the Academy
  • Black men and Counseling
  • Counseling Gay men and women
  • Self-care and the helping profession


  • Girl Talk - sexuality, sexual addictions (yes, girls have them, too), what to do with my desires, etc. Come to a safe, open, non-judgmental, educational group
  • Single Sexuality


  • God Talk
    • Is God punishing me?
    • Is God angry at me?
    • I can’t/don’t want to think of God as my father.
    • How could God have let me be hurt like that?
    • Does God accept me? Does it matter?
    • I’m too messed up for God to accept me, and I’ve accepted that.
    • Christians make me feel so judged and push me away from God.
    • I am racked with doubt; can I still be a Christian? Does anyone else feel this way?
    • I love God and I think He loves me, but my spiritual life is so dry.


  • How trauma effects psychosocial development and mental health
  • Grief

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