Why Give?

The costs for providing high quality professional Christian counseling services are not limited to adequate facilities, staff, and support services. As good stewards we work not only toward offsetting operational expenses, but advancing our mission and enhancing services in order to broaden our influence and ability to serve the community.

Our center has been designed to offer services at reduced rates for the uninsured or underinsured. Each year we commit to do more. However, many individuals who seek counseling may not qualify for reduced rates or have access to other means of support. 

Many of those we serve had little or nothing before the current challenges of our economy. And those who did may now be experiencing new financial hardships while also encountering new stressful situations. The bottom line is that though money is tight, the demand for counseling is still prevalent. In fact, the need for Christian counseling services is paramount.

We want the LeTourneau University Center for Counseling to be relevant and accessible in challenging times - an extension of Christ through the provision of Christian counseling services. You may never need our services, but your children might, or your neighbors, or your co-workers.

As you encounter individuals in need, tell them about our mission and services. LETUCC appreciates referrals from "First Responders" - teachers, nurses, physicians and others on the front line of helping professions and organizations.

If you represent a nonprofit or local church, please help us by encouraging your nonprofit or church to support us as a community partner. A community partner offers annual financial support. The LeTourneau University Center for Counseling offers its community partners annual family life presentations and also serves as a high quality referring base for congregation members in need.

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We are located on the LeTourneau University campus in Longview Hall.

2100 S. Mobberly Ave.
Longview, TX 75602

Upon entering the campus from Mobberly, take a left and follow road to Longview Hall on the right.