The psychology program at LeTourneau will prepare you for a broad range of careers in a field where opportunities are expected to continue growing over the next decade (especially in health care and school settings). Still not sure what to do with the rest of your life? Here are a few more specific career options to choose from within the field of psychology:


Careers in Counseling and Psychotherapy

  • Clinical Psychology
  • Counseling Psychology
  • Clinical social work
  • School Psychology
  • Psychiatry


Careers in Child Development

  • Education
  • Parent and child education programs in a variety of settings
  • Child and Family Specialist in Cooperative Extension
  • Youth Worker in church
  • Children's Museum Curator
  • Food Program Director
  • Youth Camp Program Director
  • Resource and Referral Specialist
  • Teacher in family-based or center-based child care and education
  • Teacher in school-age child care and education
  • Teacher in Head Start
  • Early Intervention Specialist
  • Home Visitor
  • Nanny



  • Youth Program Worker in local, state, or federally funded agencies
  • Child/Family Resource and Referral Center


Health Services

  • Child Life Specialist in hospital settings (specific eligibility requirements apply; please see a CDFS advisor for details)
  • Pregnancy Crisis Centers or Planned Parenthood
  • Hospice Coordinator
  • Case Worker - mental health & chemical dependency services
  • Adolescent tracking or mental health services


Child/Women's Shelters

  • Public school liaison for children in shelter care
  • Program planners/directors for developmentally appropriate life skills
  • Child advocacy activities


Human Services

  • Work with developmentally disabled individuals in a residential setting
  • Early childhood intervention program
  • Child Protective Services Evaluator (may require additional training and/or examinations)
  • Youth services (may require additional training and/or examinations)
  • Child Custody Evaluator (may require additional training and/or examinations)
  • Family/Child Mediator (may require additional training and/or examinations)



  • Early Childhood Program Director/Manager
  • Head Start Coordinator/Director


Legal System

  • Licensing Specialist