Learn about our programs from those who it know best – our graduates!


Karisa Kaye

A 2009 graduate, Karisa Kaye now serves as a professional marriage and family therapist. After attending LeTourneau, she went on to get her master at Richmond Graduate University. Karisa initially came to LETU to play soccer and become a doctor, but she found her real calling was to be a "doctor of the soul."

Kaye recently returned to LETU to serve as a guest lecturer in some of Dr. Melanie Roudkovski and Dr. Phil Coyle's classes. For Kaye, the experience was surreal. Just three years ago, she was on the other side of the lectern, she says. Read more...

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Brittany McClure, Psychology

“Dr. Sheafer, Dr. Roudkovski and I have so many funny stories- if you hang around their offices at all, you will pick up on their humor and friendly banter. They are genuinely concerned about each student and want to be involved in helping them reach their full potential.

Current and prospective students have asked me if I would recommend going into psychology, and I always enthusiastically say YES! The School of Psychology & Counseling is exceptional in its values, objectives and real world application.”


Jamie Hansell, Psychology

The School of Psychology & Counseling at LeTourneau is a quality program that rivals larger universities, with a wide range of courses to choose from. There's also research opportunities, a psychology club (Kappa Phi Delta) for students to get involved with and absolutely amazing professors who genuinely care about every student in their classes.


Azlynn Fouts, Psychology and Child Development

“The thing I love most about the School of Psychology & Counseling is the honest investment into each person. Professors aren't just teachers, but mentors, willing to help and guide you in any way possible. This is a family committed to seeing each person achieve greatness; they are willing to sacrifice themselves to push you forward.”


Deena Shelton, Psychology

"My psychology degree from LeTourneau definitely prepared me for graduate school. Lots of new graduate students have to take a few more required undergrad courses before they can complete their graduate classes. Thankfully, LeTourneau's School of Psychology & Counseling did their homework; I have all of my undergraduate requirements so I can jump straight into the graduate work.”