You’re not the only person with questions. Here are a few answers to the questions we get all the time. If you have a question you don’t see here, e-mail our admission office at admissions@letu.edu.

Q: What are my chances of getting a teaching job?

A: There is a severe teacher shortage across the United States, especially for science, math, special education and bilingual teachers. The placement rate for teacher education graduates who want to teach is 100%.

Q: How much time will I be able to spend in the classroom?

A: Undergraduate teacher education majors begin spending time back in the K-12 schools during their freshman year. At least one field experience occurs every academic year.

Q: Will I graduate with my teaching certification?

A: To graduate with your teaching certificate, you must complete the prescribed degree plan and pass the state teacher exams. If you do both of those, you will graduate with a teaching certificate.

Q: Is there a separate application process to get into the Teacher Education Program?

A: Admission to LeTourneau University does not guarantee admission to teacher education. There is a separate application process that is completed for admission into teacher education. See the college catalog for current requirements.

Q. Do I need to maintain a certain GPA for the teacher education program?

A: Teacher education majors must maintain an overall GPA of 2.5. In addition, certain classes require a B grade. For up-to-date info, see the catalog.

Q: Can I teach in other states after graduating from LeTourneau?

A: LeTourneau University students come from all 50 states, and many of them return to their home states to teach. You can teach in other states after you graduate from LeTourneau University.