Undeclared Major

If you haven’t decided what you want to be when you grow up, you’re not alone (it’s estimated that more than half of first-year students at American universities haven’t picked a major.)

At LeTourneau, we help you explore your options and find a major that is right for you. By educating your mind, expanding your outlook and encouraging your unique talents, we’ll be able to guide you toward a fulfilling career.

With more than 85 undergraduate and graduate programs, your academic options at LeTourneau may seem overwhelming. Don’t panic. Sit down, do some research and see what sparks your interest.

Know where to head for help to find a major that fires you up.  Whether it's taking a career assessment inventory at Career Services , discovering more about yourself in first-year Cornerstones courses, or just talking to your faculty/staff mentor or academic advisor, there are plenty of go-to's for guidance.