Veteran Testimonials

What Veterans are Saying About LeTourneau


Robert McFarland

"Returning Veterans desiring to get a great college education can't go wrong attending LeTourneau University. Founded after WWII specifically for returning GIs, LETU's dedication to God, Country and Service has never wavered. The education is top notch, and the faculty, staff and students are very supportive of Veterans."


Chris Fontaine

MSM, USN 1984-1988

"My LeTourneau University education built upon the values of service instilled in me first by the military and taught me how to be a better leader."

Ken Howard, Ph.D

Captain, Defense Intelligence Agency

"As an instructor in the online program I am convinced it is the best way for the mature student to develop their career while they advance their education."

Dr. Roger Holt

Rank: Tech Sgt
Branch: USAF 1970 - 1975

"I was never in a dangerous position while in the Air Force; I only flew a typewriter ;-) However, I have two nephews with tours of duty to IRAQ.

Neither were "strong" Christians when they left. Apparently, combat brings on a change of heart. Both returned wanting to know more about God. Additionally, both came to a realization that education is required to "be all you can be".

LeTourneau University online fits the needs for anyone considering a military position, currently in the military, or having completed a career of service."

Ed Parker

Technical Sergeant (TSgt), USAF

"The short semesters offered by LeTourneau online are ideal for military members while at home-station or deployed, even during times of high-ops tempos."