Dual Credit Program for High School Students

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Are you a high school or home school student who would like to get a head start on your college education? Or perhaps you are the parent of a student who wants to make their time in high school even more productive. A dual credit class is an excellent way to accomplish this.

Class Cost:

$90/credit hour for either online or on-site classes

LeTourneau University 's dual enrollment program allows high school students who have at least a 3.0 high school GPA to earn college credit as they complete the requirements for their high school degree. It's a perfect opportunity to explore what college classes are really like and can help you reduce the overall tuition costs of college.

Classes in English, History, Math, Humanities, Biblical Studies, Literature, Spanish, Personal Finance and other exciting topics allow students to earn both high school AND college class credit as they learn.

Attend classes online, at select high schools or at LeTourneau's main campus in Longview, Texas. 

Get a start on paying for college, too!

Beginning in Fall 2017, we're offering a $16,000 scholarship to eligible students enrolled full-time in a residential program at our Longview campus who have also passed at least one LETU dual credit course.  Check out the details here...


Student programs at LeTourneau University are taught using Christian principles and values built upon a foundation of biblical authority, which glorify God by integrating faith, learning and living. We help students develop a maturing relationship with God, encouraging them to know Him through His Son, Jesus Christ.

We are mindful of the need for service and Christian witness in the broader community and we encourage students to responsibly communicate their views, values and Christian faith to the world.


As a parent, you want to help your student prepare for the demands of college-level study. LeTourneau's integrated approach extends to all aspects of student study, providing opportunities for intellectual, spiritual, emotional and social development. Participating in a dual enrollment program will provide your child with a more rigorous academic experience within a welcoming environment that supports their success. Parents can take pride in their students' achievement as they develop self-discipline and grow spiritually and intellectually.