Dual Credit FAQs

What are the requirements to participate in the Dual Credit Program?

To be dually enrolled, the student must:

  • Apply for admission
  • Submit a high school transcript detailing courses taken and grades received before the date of dual enrollment. (Not required if attending a partner school.)
  • Have a 3.0 GPA (unweighted)
  • Be enrolled in high school before the first day of the semester.
  • Complete and submit the High School Student Dual Enrollment Form. To access the form and instructions, click here.

What is the cost?

$90 per credit hour plus the cost of any required textbook or calculator. 

When should students enroll in the program?

Most of our students attend in 11th & 12th grade, however, the program is open to all high school students.

Are college entrance exams required for admission?

LETU does not require entrance exams for admission, however, there are prerequisites required for some courses and some high schools require the TSI or other placement exams.

Do you provide help with the technology?

Yes, our LETU tech support team provides ongoing support and instruction.

How do your online classes work? 

Our classes are asynchronous, meaning they aren't live. You can log into our portal and work on your hoemwork whenever it is convenient. Please keep in mind that our courses are not self-paced. There is homework due every week by certain days and times.

Are dual credit students able to take the global 5-week classes?

No. Dual credit students can only participate i nthe 15-week full semester classes except for a few summer classes.

Do you give scholarships to participate in the Dual Credit Program?

The dual credit tuition is approximately one-third the traditional cost per credit hour, providing a significant value for high school students.

Do other colleges accept the credits for these classes?

LeTourneau is a four-year university accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and schools. Credits should have no difficulty transferring. If you know the college you plan to attend post high school, you may want to inquire as to their specific requirements. 

Is tutoring offered?

Yes! Tutoring and other helps are offered through the Achievement Center at no additional cost. You can visit their website at www.letu.edu/AchievementCenter.

Is there a limit to the number of credit hours a dual credit student can earn?

There is no limit, however, it is best to start with 1 or 2 courses.

Can a dual credit student earn an associate degree while earning their high school diploma?

Yes! It is possible to earn an Associate of Interdisciplinary Studies degree with proper scheduling and if a student begins early.

Is a student automatically accepted as a traditional student if they have participated in the Dual Credit Program?

No. Any student interested in enrolling in the traditional residential program must meet the regular entrance requirements for acceptance.