The YellowJacket Activities Council is staffed by a group of student leaders and student volunteers.  So all of our activities are not just FOR students, but they are designed and run BY students.  The YAC president is elected by the student body, and the coordinators are hired to help organize and execute campus wide activities on a nearly weekly basis.

Volunteers are always welcome and always needed.  A good way to get involved in at LETU is to just come out for a YAC event and lend a hand.  If you are interested in volunteering for YAC, contact one of these coordinators and let them know that you would like to be a part of our group.

YAC Coordinator Directory

Hannah Eisen

Coordinator of Student Programs

Oversees all YAC coordinators and events


Jake Hall

YAC President

Leads the coordinators, oversees all activities


Alex Staats


Secretary, odds and ends, plans events throughout the year


Calvin Pittman

Major/Traditional Events Coordinator

Plans STOMP, Fall Fest, Hootenanny, Final's Eve



 Ryan (Murry) Hayman

Photography Coordinator

Photographs events, plans events throughout the year

Tim Martin

Tech Coodinator

Sound system, tech recruiting, plans events throughout the year


 Pranati Reddy

Advertising and Social Media Coordinator

Banners, chapel announcements, creative marketing, YAC events throughout the year


 Saul Rooker


Manages and oversees YAC's finances