Center for Global Service Learning

Every workplace in every nation

As we consider that call, The Center for Global Service Learning (GSL) is one significant way that students and faculty can put feet to that vision.

Thanks to technology, we are increasingly aware of communities in desperate need of specific skills and resources to address real world problems and social injustices stemming from poverty. Disabled children lack access to functioning wheelchairs. Families lack access to clean water, or local farmers struggle to irrigate their small farms. A local health care provider is understaffed in caring for the people in the community.  At LeTourneau University, we want to be a part of God’s redemption and renewal by bringing sustainable and innovative solutions to problems just like these.

At GSL, we believe the LETU faculty is uniquely blessed with resources and expertise, and our students are being blessed with a great education. We want to see LeTourneau leverage those gifts in developing sustainable solutions to ease human suffering and foster human flourishing as part of God’s redemptive plan.  GSL seeks to stimulate the incubation of new projects as well as supporting our current projects. With our talented faculty, high-ability students, and a historic culture of academic excellence and ingenuity in Christian service, LeTourneau University is uniquely equipped to join His call to love one another and make disciples in every nation.




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Tracy Ketrow
Director, Global Service Learning