News Releases 2014

LETU Students To Attend Small Business Development Center

Fri, Feb 14 2014

LeTourneau University students will attend an eight-session “How to Start an Operate a Business in East Texas” course through the Longview Chamber of Commerce Small Business Development Center. These entrepreneurial students will attend on Thursday evenings from 6:30 to 8:30 beginning Feb. 17 and will complete a short essay on how the information will be applied to starting their own businesses.
Each week covers a different topic:
Week1: Making the Decision to go into Business
Week 2: Insurance Requirements/Choosing the legal form of Business
Week 3: Planning for Tax Savings
Week 4: How to Prepare a Business Plan
Week 5: Financing a Small Business
Week 6: Marketing your Small Business
Week 7: Bookkeeping Basics
Week 8: Beginning your Business: Start-Up Overview
LETU School of Business Dean Dr. Bruce A. Bowman is encouraging today’s business majors to think entrepreneurially.
“Many college graduates today get out of school with a piece of paper, but without practical experience in learning to run a business,” Bowman said.  “At LETU, we are emphasizing that our business students must get real-world experience while they are still in the safety net of a school.”
The chamber is providing scholarships for the LETU students to attend the course so students can support the Chamber’s goal of creating entrepreneurial, sustainable businesses.  From an office in the Chamber’s downtown offices, the students will provide consulting and technical services to Longview non-profits and small businesses.  Coursework will include teaching the students about making difficult decisions regarding day-to-day operations, financial resources, communication, information management, efficiency, taxes and marketing.
“From making the initial decision to start a business to planning for your company’s tax savings, this course will help these students with knowing how to open a new business,” said Kelly Hall, President of the Longview Chamber of Commerce.  “The course will be a practical approach to business as opposed to a theoretical or academic approach, with the small business owner and potential owner in mind. Material covered each week will later be included in the different sections of a business plan they will create.”
“This is a great opportunity to learn about entrepreneurship,” said Jose Bujana, an LETU sophomore double major in finance and international business from Barquisimeto, Venezuela.  “I’m sure the material covered in this course is going to be very applicable.”   
Kara Huff, a freshman international business major from Edmond Oklahoma said she is grateful for this opportunity.
“I am sure what we learn will be invaluable as we continue in our degree, as well as give us a competitive edge over other students,” Huff said.  “It is hands-on, specific training that may not be in my degree plan, but it is related and relevant to what I am learning. It will give me experience and practical knowledge. It is very cool that we will get a specialized course in the area that we came to school to study.”
Sophomore accounting major from Nampa, Idaho, Mark Manning said he appreciates the Chamber for sponsoring the scholarship.  
“I hope to learn a lot about starting and running a business that could hopefully be put into use in my future.”  Manning said he didn’t have any immediate plans for starting a business, but is looking forward to learning about how to start one.
Rachel Langholz is a freshman double major in international business and finance from Cedar Rapids, Iowa. She said she hopes to use what she learns to launch a business in the next five years creating products addressing environmentally friendly “green” materials.
“I am very excited to learn from experienced businessmen and women on how to start a small business including all the detailed facets of the process,” Langholz said. “I am also interested in understanding the complexity and importance of networking with other business people. It will be interesting to learn how this Small Business class will teach the importance of involvement in your community.”